Hangman is a classic word game in which you guess a secret word letter by letter. You know only the number of letters in the word. The game is now modified to guess the names of the cricket players. You have seven chances to guess the name of the player per game.


There are three options to choose from


  1. Test Players Hangman
  2. ODI Players Hangman
  3. T20 Players Hangman


·         Please wait for a few seconds for the Applet to load.JAVA Runtime Environment 1.4 and above must exist on the machine to play the game.

·         The game is always updated with the latest player information on a daily basis.

·         In my opinion no other hangman game on the net pertaining to cricket does this. Check revision history for latest updates .




Rules Of The Game

·         If you see a “=” sign in the player page, then it really represents a hyphen in the name.

·         There are 10 Levels and a bonus Level 11 which is for the championship

·         To get through each level you need a streak. For example to move from Level 1 to Level 2 you need a 3 win streak

·         As you go up the levels, it will require a longer streak and player names will be tougher.; Level 9 to Level 10 will require a 5 win streak

·         The toughness of a word is determined by a heuristic based on player name and number of matches played.

·         Level 11 is just one word for the championship.

·         The aim of the game is to maximize the points. The points are calculated by level reached multiplied by average score

·         If you get all player names without any losses, or wrong letter guesses you can gain a maximum of 11*7=77 points.

·         For more details please refer FAQ



To avoid ambiguity, the reference for the names of the players is same as those seen in bold at the title of the Cricinfo player page.


For Example

The Player name to guess in the case of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar would simply be Sachin Tendulkar as seen in the title


Test Players Hangman include all test cricketers from the following countries.Check revision history for latest updates


ODI Players Hangman include all One Day International cricketers from the following countries. Check revision history for latest updates


T20 Players Hangman include all T20 International cricketers from the following countries. Check revision history for latest updates



Contact sumant81 AT gmail DOT com to report bugs/modifications/and any other queries.


If you would like to host this game on your site, please send me a mail. Hosting the game without my approval is unethical and a breach of Copyright!






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